WE ARE Scandinavia’s biggest fully operational photo lab. We develop analogue film and produce some of the world’s highest quality prints by combining our technical expertise, artistic background, and some of the last remaining high quality imaging systems for analogue prints. In addition, we hire out professional darkrooms and run educational classes teaching schools, students, and photographers how to develop film and print images. Our aim is to create a space where everyone with a passion for analogue photography can share ideas, know-how, and inspiration.
Simon Heger Knudsen
Olivia Frölich
Olivia Frölich
Petra Kleis
Rasmus Weng Karlsen
Andreas Bach
Andreas Bach
Frederik Lentz Andersen
Zinna Mac
Hörður Ingason

Price list 2023

Developing and Scan
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Normal (5 day delivery)
Standard JPG
128,00 DKK Excl. VAT
High Res JPG
168,00 DKK Excl. VAT
TIFF (8bit)
188,00 DKK Excl. VAT
TIFF (16bit)
208,00 DKK Excl. VAT
RUSH (By appointment only)
Standard JPG
228,00 DKK Excl. VAT
High Res JPG
280,00 DKK Excl. VAT
TIFF (8bit)
308,00 DKK Excl. VAT
TIFF (16bit)
348,00 DKK Excl. VAT
Development only (135, 120 and 4x5)
64,00 DKK Excl. VAT
64,00 DKK Excl. VAT
64,00 DKK Excl. VAT
Scan / Standard Jpg
2000x3000 ≈ 5mb
Scan / Tiff (8bit)
6000x4000 ≈ 70mb
Scan / High Jpg
6000x4000 ≈ 24mb
Scan / Tiff (16bit)
6000x4000 ≈ 170mb
All C41/B&W film delivered is done the following day at 14.00, E6 is done Tuesday and Friday at 14.00.
Same day service available to professionals and by appointment at our discretion.
If you have more then 10 rolls at time of delivery then you get 10% discount on development.

Scanning is done as either RUSH (in principle is ASAP, but only after agreement around delivery times according to current work load) or 5 work day delivery.
Film delivered Monday has scans to customer latest on following Monday.
“To collect photographs is to collect the world.”
Susan Sontag
On Photography

Andreas Olesen
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Ditte Løkken
Production / Photofinishing
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John Eduard Petersen
Film developing

Lucas Manthos

Dicte Sønnichsen

Silver Lab Aps
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Opening hours
Mon–Fri 08–16

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